The Adventure Begins

I started playing World of Warcraft only four months ago in November 2016, just after Trial of Valor had opened. I levelled my first character, a blood elf warlock, to 110 in a week and have been raiding with her ever since. As much as I love gearing up and trying progressively harder content, one of my favourite parts of WoW (and most games) is the lore. When I was levelling my warlock I found myself outlevelling zones and even entire expansions so quickly that I wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface. While I had set out to do Loremaster on my first character, I quickly realised there was way too much content for the average character to see in one 1-110 journey.

Loremaster remained a goal of mine, but I didn’t really fancy experiencing all the zones on a max level character, so I decided to make a character specific for this purpose. This blog will be detailing the journey of that character as she completes all the zones I missed. Meet Naraashi – a Draenei paladin with an obsessive need to help everyone she meets. Along the way I’ll be completing other achievements (Explorer, dungeon achievements etc), but her main goal is to finally become Loremaster!

As I mentioned before, there’s a lot of content, and Naraashi will quickly become too high level for each zone. To try and delay that we’ll be skipping out on the pretty heirlooms seen in the featured picture, and we will also be locking XP at certain points if we get too far ahead. Other than that, this experience is going to be almost as new to me as Naraashi, and I’ll be detailing every step along the way!



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